Day One

Stepping into the Healing Portal – Nancy Antenucci

Using the Major Arcana of the Dark Goddess Tarot, we will journey into the very one your mind/body/spirit most need for nourishment in your life. Nancy will lead a guided mediation as well as time for reflection and writing for future processing. Wear comfortable clothes!

The Major Arcana and the Shamanic Path – Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

Walk through the Major Arcana, not as a Fool with innocence and serendipity, but as a shaman with knowledge and intent. See which of the archetypes have messages or gifts for you, and which may be withholding or be blocked. Become whole with all your parts and all your powers when you reach the World.


The Hermit,The Wheel & Justice: Trinity for Change – Diane Wilkes and Alyce Walker

Using the versions of Lunaea Weatherstone’s Full Moon Dreams Tarot of the Hermit, Wheel, and Justice archetypes, we will explore and transmute blockages in our personal, interpersonal and transpersonal energies, using meditation, journeying, and a transformational tarot spread.



Day Two

The Shaman and the Goddess – Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

In this in-depth workshop utilizing tarot, trance, journaling, and ritual, you will explore what a magical relationship with a goddess can look like. A shamanic practice provides a path to direct experience of the spirits, which is uniquely suited to partner with a goddess for additional protection, power, and access to the mysteries. The workshop includes finding and befriending a goddess, understanding the purpose in your partnership, and planning how you might work as a team. Finally, with the other participants, we will build a goddess temple in the other world to be a home base, meeting place, and reservoir of divine feminine energy. From this sacred space, with our new partnerships of power, we will pray for healing for ourselves, our loved ones, and our world. Return to your community with renewed vigor, direction and inspiration for your work.

NO formal experience is required, just an open heart and mind.